Valentines Edit

Check out some Valentines Outfit ideas and look good #classicorporate style! But before I start, being the good person I am I thought I'd share some good deals with you so you don't break the bank shopping.

Miss Selfridge £10 & Under: They have some beautiful items in the sale including this beautiful printed two piece. This coupled with a dark red lippy such as Mac Ruby Woo and some black simple sandals would be a winner.


Firsty, Miss Selfridge have £20 off in their Valentines Edit. I've picked my personal favourite and it's not the conventional dress. This jumpsuit as a beautiful shade to compliment all shades of lip colours and would be quite fun to accessorise. 

Now to get to the good stuff. I've got 5 items that you need on your Valentines list whether it be accessory, dress or item. 


1) This Faith clutch bag is dynamic for a variety of outfits but sturdy to support you for that evening out whether it's a romantic stroll or dinner that you're going to. 

I'm actually really fussy with clutch bags as I always find the chain tends to be too fickle and snaps quite easily. This is guaranteed quality and designed to last you more than just one evening. Plus, don't you just love that futuristic but elegant design?!

2) Moonpig: I'm sorry if you haven't yet discovered or seen the very jolly advert on TV I don't know where you've been hiding. Long gone are the days where you just pick a card that is only personalised by the text you put inside it. Personalise your card with photos of you and your loved one, adding that extra special touch for very affordable prices.


3) Always late? Purchase this minimal watch at a super affordable price of £15.00. This way you're less likely to make it late to meet your Valentine.

If you're ever looking for an affordable watch and aren't too fussed about the typical brands out there (Michael Kors, Daniel Wellington etc), ASOS is a good place to start. This is followed closely by Sekonda, House of Fraser & Casio. These are a few great places to find watches under £50 which retain quality and still look amazing. Be careful with the screen of the watch though as they are not as shatter proof as your more expensive models. 


4) Get some good chocolates. Who doesn't want good chocolate? Whoever doesn't I don't need to have that in my life to be honest. My favourites would have to by Lindtt, Galaxy and there's this other brand *I'll have to come back to this cause I actually don't remember what it's called*.

5) Yes, the best bit; dresses!

Hope you enjoy! 

Hugo Boss PRE-SPRING 2016

This is just a quick review of the Hugo Boss new arrivals which got me pretty excited. Now, quite clearly Hugo Boss isn't a cheap brand by any means, especially for those of us still in uni. However, if you are looking for staple pieces that are going to last you a lifetime, the quality is superb. Because the seasons of corporate fashion don't change as much as normal fashion, these pieces shouldn't really go 'out of date' very quickly. 

Anywhom, I won't waste your time on showing you pieces that you can get from New Look, Primark or TM Lewin for a much cheaper price. I've only chosen a few bespoke pieces which, at the very least, should inspire your fashion senses for these upcoming January Sales.

1) Medium BOSS Bespoke bag in smooth leather by BOSS

This beautiful turqoise handbag has a much needed splash of colour for the upcoming Spring season. With a near-perfect structure, it gives the edge to your corporate outfit, without losing a soft, elegant touch from the colour and lock detail.

2) Fitted blazer with metal detail: 'Kamalia' by BOSS

Who doesn't love a good non-conventional blazer? Especially that lock detail (very similar to the handbag), which is definitely something you don't see everyday. If you're looking for a standout blazer, then this it! I'm not usually a big fan of wool as a material for suits as I find it to be quite dated. However, with the modern fit and detail of this blazer, that's definitely not a concern. I would wear this without a doubt. 

3) Striped regular-fit trousers in a wool blend: 'Tiluna2' by BOSS

I actually find the feet in this photo a little distracting (is that just me?). But besides that these are a beautiful pair of classic striped trousers. A lot more common on the male side, they are a pair I always have a bit of envy over when I see men rocking them. Awesome to see a structured female version.

Anyways guys, these are just three of my favourite picks from the Hugo Boss line. Let me know what you think and if anyone can find a cheaper alternative for that bag, I will be eternally grateful! Have a good week <3

Summer Fun

Hey guys. So I'm keeping it short and simple for today. I'm still following my theme (or obsession depending on which way you look at it) of black and beige/brown. I just wanted to show that the British weather does give you one or two days of sunshine in the year. I was in love with the flowers on this road, they were gorgeous.

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