Top 5 Places to Get Workwear Dresses

So, I had a couple of people asking where the best places to get dresses were. Now, this all depends on a range of factors such as: risk factor, your budget (for those students on internships we know this won't be massive), particular style, seasons etc. Here are my top 5 places to shop, which can hopefully provide you with a little bit more insight into some of my favourite places to get dresses. There are a couple of places like River Island, J Crewe and others which I haven't mentioned but which could well have been in the top 5 but narrowly missed out.

1 -

My number 1 has to be Dorothy Perkins. It offers a variety of dresses from classic styles that fit most body shapes, to more fitting dresses with that slight edge for those daring people in the office. When I first started working I remember entering the sales and finding this black piece that has become a staple item in my wardrobe. DP prices are affordable, without a compromise on quality, so it's safe to say anybody can step into there and be able to get at least two dresses without the receipt making you want to cry too much. 

2 -

Some people may be slightly surprised by this, but ASOS has to be my number 2. I love the versatility of all that they have an offer - they certainly deviate away from the classic office dresses but still manage to remain applicable to even the most strict officecodes. I find they're range is one of the only few that you can personalise to your own style, again due to just the range of dresses they have on there.


3 -

Warehouse. Slightly upper end with these dresses on show around £75.00 but the quality is amazing and I really love the navigation of their website and the store. Easy displays where you can easily find what you need without the hustle of sifting through clothes. Some people may enjoy that and go into the likes of TK Maxx but I myself prefer the ease of being lured in by merchandise that's laid out in enticing way.


4 -

People often overlook Matalan, as did I until I went in there a couple of months ago and found the most amazing shirts for work. They have more of a mainstream style which makes it easy for anyone to go in there and find something they like. My only issue is probably that they tend to update their range a bit slow each season, but once their there it's definitely the place to be.

5 -

I only started revisiting Next within the past year to be honest which is probably strange to many people as it is generally thought of as a place that's reliable for good quality and clean styles. I'd probably agree, but I guess I just found most of it a bit boring - in some ways I still do. But one can't deny that for STAPLE pieces you can't go wrong. It's definitely the place to go to find dresses that will last and go with almost anything.