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rutendo tich

social media exec -        @rlt__


I joined in 2014 with a keen interest in fashion and marketing. My style is probably a bit more Normcore, with more masculine corporate styles such as an edgy white shirt. 


Quick Credentials: 

Ba Hons Marketing '18

TK MAxx - Visual Merchandiser and Sales

Youtube Channel: @Rlt [Subscribe here]

ConceptFour - PR & Marketing


tafadzwa biston

Photographer & media @tafadzwa_B


Yo guys! I cover everything from graphic design to videography, having self-taught most of those skills from the age of 15. You're likely to catch me in a suit and tie on my way to church or at an awards ceremony.

Quick Credentials:

Youtube - @BistonLab [Subscribe here]

ZAA - Nominated Male Entrepreneur of the Year 2015

tendai moyo

founder - @classicorporate


So I started this blog in 2013 upon starting my internship at KPMG. Found my love for corporate fashion and here we are.


Quick Credentials:

LSE BSc Actuarial Science '17

ConceptFour - Operations

Youtube Channel: Classicorporate [Subscribe here]

KPMG - Gap Programme

Barclays - Incoming IBD Summer Analyst '16